U.S. Mideast envoy: Now is time to redouble our efforts to reach peace deal

U.S. officials say now is the time to double down on a peace deal. Read more.

EU urges Israel not to kick out top Human Rights Watch official

European officials urge Israel to allow a Human Rights Watch representative to stay in the country. Read more.

Federations mourn Shoshana Cardin, z"l

Shoshana Cardin, z"l, a Jewish leader who broke multiple glass ceilings, is dead at 91. Read more.

Jewish schools in Florida to get $2M in security funding

Schools in Florida received $2 million in funding for school security in the wake of the Parkland shootings. Read more.

Iranian forces fire rockets at Israeli military

Iranian forces fire rockets at Israeli military in first direct attack ever, Israel’s army says. Read more.