JFNA applauds bipartisan allocation of funds for aid at southern border

JFNA is proud to advocate for humanitarian relief to aid vulnerable communities on America’s southern border and we applaud a bipartisan U.S. Congress for making the allocation of funds for this purpose a priority. Read more.


JFNA statement on Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill

We applaud Congress for reaching an agreement today on an emergency supplemental appropriations bill that will bring humanitarian relief to communities on America's southern border. The funding package includes $30 million for FEMA's Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP), which w…

Bibi considering plan to cancel Sept. election and form unity government

Reports indicate that Israeli PM Netanyahu may have successfully formed a unity government. Read more.

N.Y. governor in Israel pledges to fight anti-Semitism after 83% uptick

An 83% spike in antisemitic incidents in New York has, to use a common expression in the Big Apple, hit New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the kishkes. Cuomo, who arrived in Israel on Thursday on a lightning visit of barely two days, said that he was personally affronted by the rise in antise…

Nearly 20% of Americans: Small businesses should be able to refuse service

Nearly 20% of Americans support the rights of small businesses to discriminate against groups that violate their religious beliefs, according to a new survey. Read more.