From Our Leadership: Renewing Tradition—A Passover Message

Like the Passover seder table, at our Federation communal table, we are placing ourselves and our history in the midst of a strategic and orderly process, seeking to make our work resonate better for our communities and our people, thereby strengthening our ability to thrive into the futur…

Thousands of Ethiopians set to 'seder' together this Passover

Thanks to support from UJA-Federation of New York and Federation partner The Jewish Agency for Israel, Ethiopian Jews and Israelis will join together for one of the world’s largest seders. Read more.

Pittsburgh newspaper wins Pulitzer for coverage of synagogue massacre

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette receives the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on the Tree of Life attack. Read more.

Percentage of Americans who say Jews face discrimination up since 2016

In the wake of the Tree of Life attack and other hate crimes, more than half of Americans believe Jews face increasing discrimination, according to the Pew Research Center. Read more.

Bringing Middle East peace through mentoring Jewish and Arab youth

"Our work is to teach them to dream.” For tens of thousands of at-risk Israeli children, the ability to hope for a productive future is no small feat. For these children, many of whom come from homes with socioeconomic difficulties and have experienced personal and family crises, self-conf…