We express our deepest gratitude to the law enforcement officials and negotiators who helped secure them.

Shabbat should be a time of peace and joy. But this Shabbat, the Jewish community of Colleyville, Texas was attacked by an assailant who took four hostages at the area synagogue – Congregation Beth Israel.

Violent antisemitism should have no place in our world, especially in 2022. No one should ever be afraid to assemble in their place of worship. Sadly, this situation reminds us of the importance of healthy vigilance and preparedness. It is also a sobering reminder that antisemitism is a constant and huge threat to our people.

Through our Community Security Initiative (CSI), the Jewish Federations Secure Community Network (SCN), strong law enforcement relationships, and civic partnerships, we continue to work closely with our local synagogues and Jewish institutions on security initiatives and we remain resolute in our commitment to the safety and security of our Jewish community, locally and globally.

We must continue to combat and condemn antisemitism, speak out against all forms of hatred in America, and stay vigilant and alert.

If you see something, please say something without delay. In an emergency, call 911. When safe or in a non-emergency situation, please contact Mark Merkovitz at (609) 524-9910 or mmerkovitz@jewishpmb.org.

Mark Merkovitz
Executive Director

Daniel Herscovici
President of the Board

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